Friday, September 9, 2011

Result: Incorrect - No Closing OR delay (1-2)

I was very surprised this morning to find that we didn't even have a delay, but I guess if you give the flood waters 12 hours to drain into the bigger rivers, it allows most of the roads to reopen.  Also, the ride in to Pequea was uneventful and didn't even see much flooding. 

I'll stick to predicting snow days...more to come in December!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

9/8/11 - No School Tomorrow (Friday)

Looks like the flooding is expected to continue even into tomorrow morning, making travel very very difficult. Also, there's the fact that the flood warning says that this is a "life-threatening" situation, at least until the warning is lifted at 9:15am tomorrow.  I guess there's a slight possibility of a two-hour delay, but I think the districts will err on the side of caution.  80-20 chance of no school, so I'm predicting no school tomorrow.


Only two weeks into the school year and I'm already 1-1.  I predicted previously that Hurricane Irene would not delay the first day of school.  I was not surprised, but also lucky in the sense that there was not a power outage in Kinzers, which were more prevalent elsewhere.

Now, this morning, because of the remnants of Hurricane Lee interacting with Hurricane Katia, we've gotten at least 5 in. of rain, causing road flooding.  I'm not sure if getting in 2 hours later will help the flooding, but I guess we'll see!  Looks like the delays are pretty much county wide.