Wednesday, February 8, 2017

4-8" of snow?

Since yesterday, I’ve said this will be at least a delay.
What is making me think it will be a cancellation? Timing…snow will end around the end of a delay, temperatures will keep dropping, 4-8” of snow will be tough to clear, it’s pretty defensible to call off of school when some teachers might get 10” of snow.
What is making me think it will be just a delay? It’s been warm, so the roads should be easier to clear, wet snow means no drifting, I really want it to be just a delay, Eric Horst says this is a tough call, anywhere from 1” – 10”.
In the end, I predict we will have NO SCHOOL TOMORROW, 60-40 odds.
Additionally, but not officially, I predict the schools will probably call the delay tonight, and call the cancellation in the morning.