Friday, October 28, 2011

10/28/11 - Rare October Snowstorm???

So normally I wouldn't post about this, since it won't affect the school's schedule at all, but...I couldn't resist putting my own thoughts out there.

Yup...looks like we'll be getting at least 2 inches (on the grass).  There are a lot of forecasts, ranging from 2 inches up to 8 inches.  CAUTION when reading forecasts: NOAA is saying up to 10 inches in the watch area - don't be misled - the watch area includes the Poconos which usually gets more snow (higher elevation).  The wet snow will probably come mostly at night, so be careful on the roads if you're traveling then.

The first snow is usually overblown (in my humble opinion), and it looks like it'll mix with rain, so I'll say that we'll get 3 inches on the grass, with some messy slush on the roads.  It'll be a wet snow, too.  That means it won't last that long, so get out there quickly if you want some snowballs.  This will likely be a record breaker, since the largest snowfall in October was 2.4" in 1940.

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