Monday, December 9, 2013


Ok, I admit it's a little late to change my tune, but the weather forecasters changed it on all of us pretty quickly and late, too.  I honestly can't see them sending kids to school tomorrow.  I know they're waiting to make the call, since the forecast may not come true at all, but that seems unlikely with this storm.  COULD students get to school, just to turn around and get back home a couple of hours later...sure, but the snow iwll stop before we'd have to send anyone home, so we might as well wait it out.  COULD we just send everyone in at normal time and let it snow? Sure!  But that's a gamble I don't think anyone is willing to take. 

Hence, I will UPDATE my prediction to no school tomorrow.  Looks like Valentine's weekend will be one day shorter for PV.  Unless the weather decides not to materialize...

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