Tuesday, November 25, 2014

At LEAST an early dismissal tomorrow

This one it’s all about the timing. Most predictions are giving us enough snow to cancel school if the snow is falling throughout the school day, but some begin Tuesday night while others don’t start until 10am on Wednesday, giving us enough time to get students into school and dismiss early.  The call will likely be made in the morning: if they see snow, we’ll close; if no snow, we’ll come in. Temperatures will be warmer, so the roads should be fine if it’s not falling too fast.  Overall, I’m looking at a 50/50 shot between school cancellation and an early dismissal.  Given multiple scenarios, I’m going to predict that Pequea Valley will cancel school tomorrow early in the morning in an abundance of caution, though they may not need to (I’ve switched 4 times since I started writing this).  I’d rather call for an early dismissal, but I only see that happening if the storm COMPLETELY weakens and comes late, with nothing on the ground come 5am.

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