Wednesday, February 18, 2015

2/18/15 Snow & Wind Chill

If history is my guide, the -10 wind chill tomorrow won't delay schools, but the forecast -22 on Friday (NOAA) will close schools (see 1/6/14).  However, the threat of some snow tonight with heavy winds (and thus drifting) is real.  I'm not convinced there will be snow, but there are a lot of combinations here that would make us want to be safe.  So here go two predictions:
  1. Two-Hour delay Thursday due to some snow/snow drifts/low wind chill combination (50/50)
  2. School closed on Friday due to very low wind chills (80-20)
Let's see if I can use the past to predict the future.
Record this winter so far is an abysmal 11-8.

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