Thursday, March 19, 2015

March 19th, 2015

If this storm were to occur in January, I would immediately call for a cancellation.  However, given the warmer temperatures, wet snow, and high sun angle, I don’t think the snow will really stick much and will generally be wet, not causing too many issues.  The only issue complicating this is the Winter Weather Advisory (though it’s not a warning).  One way they could go is to call a delay early, but see that the roads aren’t bad, and get everyone in for a day (maybe I just don’t want a snow day). Another way is that they don’t call a delay, notice that not much has fallen and the roads are ok, and get everyone in on regular schedule (I really DON’T want a snow day), with the option of an early dismissal.  Or they could just not risk it at all and call a snow day (please…no).  I usually get burned with wishful thinking, but I’m going to call A TWO-HOUR DELAY tomorrow, though the roads will be no problem in the morning. One weird way or another, I think weather might just win this one.

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