Monday, February 8, 2016

Second Significant Snow

It's looking like we won't have school tomorrow, and here's why:
  • Snow starts tonight and continues throughout Tuesday.  If 3" were dumped overnight, I'd say delay, but it will continue to snow and mess up roads throughout the day
  • Winter Storm Watch is in effect into Tuesday night
  • People have to shovel out in the morning 
Ways to only have a delay:
  • Weaker storm that allows very clear roads
  • Warmer temperatures that allow easily cleared roads 
I think what will happen is the school will call a delay in the morning, and then decide in the morning, late, whether to close or not.  If it's a weaker storm and roads are manageable, I could see us coming in, but normally if it's snowing they don't bring students in. 2:1 odds. Either way, better than puppymonkeybaby

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