Monday, January 20, 2014

Another big storm (currently 8-2)

It's been a pretty good year so far, but this storm might wreck the record.

Alrighty…If schools are playing it totally safe, they’ll cancel both Tuesday and Wednesday.  The closer they are to the southern border of PA, the more likely it is.  However, I think that might be too safe.  I’m thinking they’ll get the students into school on Tuesday morning and then dismiss early.  I would predict a TUESDAY EARLY DISMISSAL, but Pequea doesn’t have school in session, just in-service for the teachers.  I will still predict that we teachers will be required to come in, at least for an appearance until the roads get bad and they dismiss us home around noon. (80-20)

Now for Wednesday, I’m thinking there will be enough time to plow the roads, but the wind will make them hard to pass through, given drifting and blowing snow.  Either way, a WEDNESDAY TWO-HOUR delay is most likely, unless we’re one of the few districts that get 8-12 inches (65-35).  Don’t forget, we also have already had 3 snow days, but there will be some districts closed Wednesday.

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