Sunday, January 25, 2015

Winter Storm 2-Parter

I'll make 3 predictions here...
Lots and lots of speculation, etc. out there, people.  But I have a feeling that even if we don’t get as much as is expected, it will be timed just “right” so that we’ll get SCHOOL CANCELLED ON MONDAY, SCHOOL CANCELLED ON TUESDAY, AND A TWO-HOUR DELAY ON WEDNESDAY.  Why?  Well, we’ll get 1-3 inches overnight, and it will keep on snowing, making the roads not so easy to travel, so no school Monday.  Tuesday is essentially the same story, but with a lot more wiggle room, so I’ll call Tuesday off as well.  Wednesday though? Looks like we’ll have high winds with a very dry and light snow, which we know in farm country means some roads are impassable and even deeper than the actual snowfall.  Hence, a delay on Wednesday morning (which could turn into a closing, stay tuned).

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