Thursday, January 21, 2016

1/21/16 - Blizzapocalypsageddon Jonas

The storm will come too late to actually have any effect on Friday, so NO Early Dismissal on Friday.  Monday though….could there be a delay?  I think so, with 60-40 odds.  Yes, Sunday will be partly sunny and there will be a whole day to clean up the mess, but it is one BIG mess, and back roads tend to be forgotten (or at least last on the list) in many cases.  Additionally, the possible blizzard conditions will make blowing snow an issue, especially on PV’s back farm roads, though winds will be lower (but not zero) on Sunday night.  If we get more than a foot, definitely a delay.  Less than a foot? Not as likely.  I’ll predict now (5 days out? I never do this) that there will be a 2-HOUR DELAY ON MONDAY. 

Here's a good map from Millersville: 

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